What’s up everyone?

Earlier this week, Disney dropped one of the most anticipated documentaries of the year, containing unseen footage from over 50 years ago of The Beatles’ last act together titled ‘Get Back’ 🎸

Set in January 1969, the documentary starts off with the disclaimer of the film-makers having…

Happy Monday everyone!

Depending on which part of the world you live in, last weekend would’ve been an extendedly long one if you happened to be celebrating the Festival of Lights-Diwali 🪔

However, it feels like light years have passed ever since, in the world of music & especially in…

Happy Friday everyone!

Remember Bowie Bonds?

I’m sure you don’t because it was back in 1997, that legendary British artist David Bowie decided to take on Wall Street with a bit of financial engineering which would be both so audacious and ahead of it’s time, that they seem to be…

Club Incentify

We are on a mission to build a Community 🌎 around Music, and write on all things related to Music 🎧 and the Business 🤑 and Tech 📱 behind it

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