🚨Coming Soon: The Social Network for Music

Happy Friday everyone!

Exactly 4 months back, I started this newsletter around all things ‘Show Business’ in general, and Music in specific, with mainly three objectives in mind 👇🏻

🤔 De-Mystify the Music Industry and how it works

📝 Get into the habit of writing regularly

👨🏻‍💻 Curate an audience for a product I was planning to build

A consistent average of 4x Newsletters per week 📨, a Million + impressions on Twitter & Instagram 📲, rushed deadlines, and countless cups of coffee later, it feels like a small but rewarding journey so far ⚡️

With no experience whatsoever, I let my curiosity do its thing, and it made me begin to understand how the music business works.

My takeaway so far?

As Matthew McConaughey said in the movie Wolf of Wall Street, it’s all a ‘Fugazi’

Howsoever complicated this shit might be, I have tried to share my learnings via this newsletter with you guys, and try to keep it as fresh and informal as possible 😅

Along the way, I got a chance to connect and learn from some of the biggest names in this business, and have our content get noticed and shared by rappers and Hollywood directors alike (humble brag 🤪)

The best part?

Getting the support of you guys 💪🏻

While the readership growth metrics aren’t as high as I would want yet, nobody likes emails and if I can get you lot to still open this up to give it a read, hopefully, there’s some value being added in an otherwise dull inbox 😴

Of the 4 months in, the past week has been one of the most exciting so far 🚀

We are almost at the fag end of our product being presentable for launch, and our website is finally up 🥳

You can check it out right here.

We have tried to explain what we are building here at Incentify, in a fun manner, and if it seems interesting to you, please DM us on Twitter or Instagram, or simply write back to me on here.

We would love to have your feedback and get on a quick call to show you our product and chat about your experience with music streaming, so please feel free to reach out.

If you hopelessly listen to music all day, and find sharing music with others, and discovering playlists on current streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music a big task, this will be right up your alley.

Cheers, and hope we speak soon. Have a great weekend guys 🍻

If you know someone who’d be interested in learning more about what we’re up to, share this with them for good karma 🙏🏻

Originally published at https://incentify.substack.com on August 13, 2021.




The Social Network for Music 🎧

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Club Incentify

Club Incentify

The Social Network for Music 🎧

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